Welcome Back!

As some of you might have known, this is not the first time that Scout24 starts a corporate blog. In fact, we made the decision to take a break from blogging while ago. Fast forward 2 years, 8 months and an IPO later, the world of Scout24 has changed so much and we are back yearning to tell you what’s going on inside our company. With this blog, we want to share our experiences, provide exclusive first-hand insights, and learn from you. Yes, Scout24 has changed a lot and new things are still in progress. But our DNA stays the same as we state in our new wording for our company purpose: Inspiring your best decisions. We connect people, cars and homes.

Up until now the Scout24 corporate blog has covered a wide range of topics and we want to follow this tradition to provide you with “a 360 degree” of what we deal with on a daily basis, and offer behind the scenes insights. We feel that this is an authentic way to communicate with our stakeholders and the public. We will do this via stories from inside Scout24 and the markets we are operating in. Following our stories means travelling from Berlin to Munich to Milan, Amsterdam, Vienna, Brussels, Barcelona and Madrid, talking about cars and homes, finding inspirations for future mobility and living.

“Consumer first” will also be our motto here, so we will focus on market trends that impact and change people’s lives and experiences. Sometimes, we will talk about us trying new and unconventional ways to solve problems, showing our journey in becoming the market network for cars, homes and all adjacencies. We will listen to what our stakeholders have to say and come up with ideas, suggestions or concepts. In fact, I strongly believe in what Socrates has pointed out: “Nature has given us two ears, two eyes, and but one tongue- to the end that we should hear and see more than we speak.” It’s our way to keep up with changes around us. In short, in this journey everything is a work in progress. A continuum of moving forward.

As a leading player in digital in Germany and beyond we’re all about innovation, entrepreneurship and we’ve got passionate people in our community doing amazing things. Discover their voices and their stories here and be part of the conversation! From time to time we will also invite experts and guest authors who will share their insights, know-how and thoughts. With that being said, we’re happy to be back and look forward to many interesting discussions with you.

Jan Flaskamp

Vice President Communications & Marketing, Scout24 AG